Is pleased to present the exhibition Threshold One, co-curated by Cara Megan Lewis and Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia. Featuring the work of five young emerging Cuban artists, Threshold One explores liminal or transitional spaces; places of anticipation, ambiguity, waiting on the edge of the unknown. All five exhibited artists have experienced the complex journey from Cuba to the United States and back again. Created in the moments leading up to departure or upon arrival to the United States, the works originate in personal thresholds of transformation.



As its name implies, this exhibition is an example of the roads and crossings over seventy artists whose symbolic residence is in the Centre for Training and Production of Graphic Arts Colima " " La Parota " either because their work was generously donated to the Museum of Graphic West " José Luis Cuevas " or because it has been produced directly in some of the workshops , specialization and production is carried out regularly on " Parota " .


Garcia Squared Contemporary


Creative Director + Curator:  Israel Alejandro Garcia Garcia

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